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We are a warm, caring community of faith, gathering to worship God and sharing the love of Jesus Christ, 
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  9:00 am Adult Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
Sunday School during worship-3rd floor
(Kindergarten through 5th grade)
  4:30 pm Congregation and Canines-Johnson Hall
  4:30 pm Youth group LiFE (Middle School)
  6:00 pm Youth Group MYF (High School)

Congregation and Canines

Since November 1, 2016, a small group has been meeting on Sundays at 4:30 p.m. in Johnson Hall for worship.  It is an unusual group, in that it is primarily made up of people who love their dogs and who wish to bring them with them to worship.

A bit of history:  This particular worship service began at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Westchester in 2009.  Two year ago, that church decided to discontinue this service.  Since then, they have been searching for a new church home, while worshiping in Leslie and Bill Evan’s home.  After much discussion, our church finally agreed to hold this service on a trial basis, and Pastor Lee began to lead the service on a regular basis, using basically the same material as in the morning worship, but in an intimate, casual setting.  Worshippers sit in a circle around a small table that serves as an altar.  The dogs either lie on mats or sit on laps, always on a leash, and are amazingly quiet.  In fact, the most exciting moment of the service for them comes when a basket of dog biscuits is passed along with the basket for offerings.

Since then, several members of our congregation have come to “check it out” and have found the service to be very enjoyable and a viable alternative to our morning service, whether people have dogs or not.

On March 22, the Church Council agreed and voted to make the “Congregation and Canines” worship service an official ministry of our church!  


Administrative Assistant

Job Description

Job Function & Scope: Employee supports the Pastor, staff members, committee chairpersons and volunteers in implementing and coordinating professional, effective and efficient church operations. Employee serves as the Secretary/Receptionist in the church office. Additionally, employee functions as Webmaster and Membership Secretary.

Employee answers office telephone calls, monitors incoming email messages and assembles the weekly church bulletin and the monthly “Mission Bell” newsletter/calendar. Employee implements church mailings and brochures. Employee maintains and updates church membership records, worship attendance records, the master church calendar and, as the church Webmaster, maintains/updates the church website. Employee provides publicity inputs to local newspapers, designs and prints fliers/tickets for special events and schedules visits of outside venders/inspectors. Employee also orders church office, building and cleaning supplies.

Job Skills/Qualifications: Employee has general knowledge, skills and expertise with respect to business office operations. Employee has good business computer facility with emphasis on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher software. Employee has excellent people skills, to serve as a church public relations representative and as the initial church contact for those visiting the church office.  As directed by the Church Treasurer, employee is able to handle bookkeeping functions as follows:  pays routine bills, maintains and reconciles church and saving accounts, produces monthly financial reports, prepares monthly conference statements, prepares bi-monthly payroll inputs, and distributes payroll checks to church employees.

Accountability: Reports to the ESUMC Pastor. Employee’s performance is evaluated annually by the Pastor, augmented by inputs from the SPRC.

Terms of Employment: “At Will” - ESUMC and the employee shall each have the unilateral right to terminate this employment relationship at the will of either party. The Administrative Assistant is an hourly, regular, part time employee with an hourly work week as established by the Pastor the and approved by the SPRC. The employee must submit to a background check.  The employee’s compensation is negotiable and subject to approval by the SPRC. This position is without benefits such as paid time off, medical insurance, disability insurance, unemployment insurance, etc., except for California state-mandated Sick Leave (3 days per year with no carry-over from one calendar year to the next).

Applicable Documents: ESUMC Personnel Policy” - Dated September 21, 2011

“Child Abuse Prevention Policy – Dated June, 2004

Please send your resume to: pastoresumc@sbcglobal.net


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