El Segundo United Methodist Church


ESUMC Youth Group meet on Sundays
The Middle School group, LiFE meet at 4:30 pm
The High School group MYF meet at 6:00 pm 
The two groups have dinner together at 6:00 pm

Join us for fellowship and a great time!


Happy Lenten season! I’m terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions because they last all year, but with Lent, I can’t make a resolution and only have to work at it for 40 days. Because of that, I prefer Lenten disciplines.

I also encourage people to take up something while also giving something up. In with the new and out with the old is my approach! I hope that this season is rewarding for you and your spiritual growth.

In terms of the youth, we won’t have our monthly Friday Fun night due to the Spring retreat that will happen from March 15th-17th in Big Bear. I’m excited to get away and into nature for the weekend with the youth. I hope they are too!

Out of the 5 Sundays in March, there will be youth group every Sunday except for the 17th which is for retreat recovery.

We’re still constantly seeking people to help donate dinners. It’s really a huge help for the youth group and for me as well! Thank you to everyone that donates! I really appreciate the generosity and so do the youth!

Many blessings,

Eric Iki – Youth Director

This our Youth Director, Eric Iki
You can read more about Eric on our "Staff" page.

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