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Dear Friends,

Every weekday, I receive a spiritual reflection via email from a Methodist minister named Steve Garnass- Holmes, who currently resides in Massachusetts.  While I appreciate almost everything he writes, I found his October 21 reflection to be particularly beautiful and applicable in the light of our walk with Jesus.  Though I have not yet received permission to share Steve’s reflection with you in this newsletter, I would like to share the gist of his thoughts with you.

He describes a day when nothing is coming to him, when he knows that he has people who are expecting to receive an email, but the page in front of him is blank.  So he prays, “God, what do people need to hear from you today?”

He waits and listens.  Then it comes to him.  The question that he asked of God is a question for all of us.  Each day, we are presented with opportunities to share God’s love and grace in our workplaces, in coffee shops and stores, at home, with strangers and friends and families.  But when those opportunities present themselves, we often don’t know what to say or do.

Steve suggests that it might be helpful to ask that same question as we go through our day—"What do people need to hear from God”—and then to listen . . . Listen for God’s Word—not our own opinions, our own complaints or concerns.  Listen . . . and then speak that word to whoever needs to hear it.  It might be a word of kindness, of encouragement, of challenge, of hope, or “a possibility they didn’t know they knew until you said it.”

What might happen if I prayed that question each day?  I think it could have a profound effect on my experience with others.  Imagine how that might change your relationship with your spouse, your child, your co-worker, the server at the coffee shop, your neighbor, the stranger you pass on the street.  Perhaps the Word from God is just a warm smile, perhaps it is a complement, perhaps it is a conversation-starter, perhaps it is an eye-opener.  Whatever form that Word takes could be a blessing, not only for the person to whom you speak it, but to you.

As we walk the walk with Jesus in our daily lives, let us be open to the Spirit and dare to ask, “What does my neighbor, my co-worker, my spouse, the stranger on the street need to hear from God today?”  Let us listen for the whisper of the Spirit . . . and if a word from God comes, may us speak it in love.


                                                                                    Pastor Lee

P.S.  You can read Steve’s reflection for yourself on his website:  unfoldinglight.net

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